Appalachian Trail – Kennebec River, Maine

Bigelow Mtn. West Peak, 4145 ft.
Avery Peak, 4090 feet
Kennebec River, 490 feet

“Be thankful we’re not getting all the government we’re paying for.”

- Will Rogers

Gimpy goes hard-core on the summit of Avery Peak (can you hear the theme song to Rocky??)

Journal Entry 8.3.00
“6pm at the Pierce Pond Shelter with 2Steps and Snail. I am soaking my feet in the pond. 17 miles to get here today, one of the flattest sections of trail I’ve been on in a long time. I wanted to go farther but I couldn’t cross the Kennebec today so I had to check in here for the night. I crossed the 2,000 mile mark today (the sign was painted on the road)!!! Woo-Hoo!! I can’t believe I can COUNT the days now! So many Nobos are pushing and cranking out huge miles just to finish (like 30+ mile days). I am trying to ignore them all flying by and just relax and enjoy this last bit at my own pace and in my own way. I am so happy to be out of the hard sections now. Thinking about my bed, my clothes, being clean every day, and all the luxuries of home!”

The 2000-mile marker!!

Sunset at Pierce Pond, ME

Journal Entry 8.4.00
“8:30pm at Bald Mountain Brook Lean-to. 18.7 miles today – an easy day finally! And the weather was PERFECT – blue sky, sun, low humidity. I left the shelter this morning and did 4 miles to the Kennebec and waited until 10am for Steve to show up and and ferry us across. His other canoe and been vandalized last night and he was MOST upset. Such a shame to think that it could have been another thru-hiker (I won’t name any names but you KNOW who ‘goo’ are). So I crossed the Kennebec this morning and then I hit the food truck in Caratunk. I did another 15 miles after 12pm, but it went by fast. There was one mountain and the rest was flat. I’m here with 2Steps and Snail again. We’re all heading into Monson tomorrow. My last mail drop – #23! I am closing in on the last 100 miles fast!”

Steve, the Kennebec ferryman

Journal Index

Georgia – Overview And the poop on the Trail Divorce

0 (miles from Georgia) – Springer Mountain, Georgia Whose idea was this again??
87.7 – Georgia / North Carolina Aint no all-inclusive package vacation story…
161.7 – Fontana Dam, North Carolina No Rain, No Pain, No Maine
204.6 – Great Smoky Mountains National Park I My deodorant gets the heave-ho!
268.7 – Great Smoky Mountains National Park II The Food Appreciation Trail
336.5 – North Carolina / Tennessee & Trail Names How the Gimp got her name
390.7 – North Carolina / Tennessee The famous Roan Mountain hitch
452.9 – Crossing into Damascus, Virginia 3 states down, 11 to go!
516.7 – Grayson Highlands State Park Roughin it at Partnership Shelter
573.3 – Bland, Virginia My wonderful trail angels!
665.3 – Pearisburg, Virginia The switch from boots to sandals
767.4 – Catawba / Troutville, Virginia Heat wave in Virginia
839.4 – Montebello / Rockfish Gap, Virginia ‘Hiking with Gimpy Sr.
920.0 – Shenandoah National Park Rattlesnakes, Jack Daniels, and bears – oh my!
988.3 – Front Royal, Virginia Invasion of the Boy Scouts
1001.1 – Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia The mental half-way point
1061.4 – Maryland / Pennsyltucky Y’all done drank enough beer!
1123.8 – Duncannon, Pennsylvania The Half-Gallon Challenge
1208.9 – Port Clinton, Pennsylvania $1 Yuengling drafts and the rocks of PA
1283.9 – Pennsylvania / New Jersey Friends and family visit WonderGimp
1334.2 – High Point, New Jersey Rain, rain, rain, trail magic, and more rain
1440.7 – Bear Mountain, New York Hike Naked Day!
1486.1 – Kent, Connecticut Gimpy Sr. and Barkeater hike with W.Gimp
1543.8 – Great Barrington, MassachusettsWelcome to Mosquito Hell
1618.0 – Massachusetts / VermontPhoton and strobe lights for the 4th of July
1687.3 – Killington, Vermont The Inn at the Long Trail
1738.1 – New Hampshire Live Free or Die!
1794.4 – North Woodstock, New Hampshire Gettin’ above treeline
1814.4 – AMC-land, New Hampshire Entering the White Mountains!
1854.0 – Pinkham Notch, New Hampshire Mooning the tourists on Mt. Washington
1869.2 – Gorham, New Hampshire My first Moose sighting!
1920.7 – Andover, Maine The way Life should be…
1979.3 – Rangeley, Maine Closing in on the end
2015.6 – Kennebec River, Maine Eye of the Tiger!
2095.7 – Monson, Maine 100-mile Wilderness
2152.0 – Abol Bridge, Maine Katahdin is in sight!
2167.1 – Baxter Peak, Mount Katahdin, Maine Goodbye Capilene – Hello Cotton!!

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